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Do you already have your Bitesize by Casey PDF stencil?

If yes? Wunderbar! You'll find everything else you need below

If no? Check out our Etsy Shop for our full collection, and then we'll see you back here

Our Go-To

If you have your own
gingerbread recipe, then great! 

However, if you're in need of one, here is a recipe (plus, our piping!) that we always use and wanna share with our community.

IMG_3581 2.jpg

Build Instructions

Find detailed instructions to construct your Bitesize by Casey gingerbread house

Coming soon! We'll have printable PDFs in various languages, as well

Australian Outback Shack Product Preview_3.png
Bitesize by Casey_gingerbrea_ Stone Wall Decoration.jpg

Need a Little Inspiration?

Get inspired on how to decorate
and glam up your gingerbread house
for a holiday occasion,
themed gathering or just to
show off to your friends and family.

Use #BitesizeByCasey to show off yours!

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